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The Pearl of Wisdom
"Wisdom Study Version"
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From the book, "The Pearl of Wisdom" or "Guru Mani",
by His Holiness, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyadddeen 
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us)
About The Book "The Pearl of Wisdom"


Invocation To Allah
- Original Version -

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His Holiness Teaches Us:

O Primordial One, place the Primal Ruler in my mind, 
The Mighty Mind that comes and rules, 
Casting aside three kinds of fore running conduct, 
Destroying six armies and eliminating the enemy. 

Bless Luminosity's Glow that mingles within my Soul, 
Truth within shines in splendor. 
Bless True Spirit to grow within this despicable body. 
Bless me, O Allah, to banish sinful birth and gain maturity. 

O Nectar, blissfully moving with justice! 
O Ambrosia! 
O Graceful Light of Joy, resting within my Soul, 
Before my return, help me look right and left. 
Give me Your Grace to clarify and purify me. 
Come! Come! O Primal One, shining as Grace. 

Come. O Rasool Muhammad! 
One who elucidates the fifty-first alphabet. 
The Foremost Substance that becomes the Six Faces of Clarity. 

O Effulgence, that knows my distress before I am aware of it. 
O Primal One within me, come, before my body disintegrates. 
You were My Sight even before my eyes opened. 
You are the Light within the pupil of my eye. 
Come, O Primal One, who makes the eye shine as Grace. 

The Ever Present Path mixes in my body, enhancing Itself, 
To place before the Primal One in more Glorious Words. 
Look, the North Wind that blows intermittently calls You, 
Knowing the signs of the Primal One. 
O Light merging with the Heart, 
If You persevere Allah will come and embrace You! 

He plays Mind within mind, King of that kingdom. 
If You pay obeisance, Allah will soon join You. 
He will carry a Remedy to clarify You. 

Sing, know the bodily organs and seek them. 
The Primal One will come Dancing before You. 
To be with Allah is Your only Bliss. 
Remedy of Master Guru is Your Victory. 
There is Magic in His Glorious Words! 

Your Benefits will multiply according to Your Recitals. 
Sing with a Heart that is deep and melting. 
The Primal One will rush to greet You. 
The only One with a million Names, 
Allah expects no reward from You, 
He will Seek You and gladly Usher You Ashore, 
If Your Intention is Praise-Worthy. 

He will provide a Remedy 
To give You Clarity in this world. 
If Your Mind has achieved Clarity 
He will give You the Glorious Cure. 
The Primal One will surely Reach You! 

What can one say about the Primal One's Words of Grace? 
O my mind, have you the courage to Speak Precisely of Allah? 
O my mind, can you fathom the Ebbless Ocean? 
Can you measure It with your feet? 
O my mind, can you determine Its capacity 
The way you measure the boundless sea, 
Not knowing its depth or length? 
Is this how you determine the Lone One's Glory, 
Through this body that is full of pretence? 

Those with Determination and Clarity of Mind 
Learn continuously within the Lustrous Pearl of Wisdom, 
Each one clarifying Wisdom within wisdom, 
As befits each one's Clarity, O my mind. 

See, there is room For As Many Minds as you look. 
Those with Deep Clarity have Good Conduct. 
See the Blossoming Flower over there, 
It contains a Sweet Fragrance! 

We shall achieve Clarity, those born with Me and I, 
Acquiring Good Conduct, seeking Allah's Grace. 
We shall See the Primal One and Witness the Union 
Within the Deepest Recesses of the Heart. 

There is a cure for Escape From The World. 
There is a cure to Purify Your Conduct. 
There is Grace of the Sustainer of the Two Worlds. 
There is a cure for Dispelling Darkness. 
There is Graceful Advice of Season's Master Guru. 
Know this, O my mind! 

The Primordial One cleanses My Character. 
O my mind, what can I say is Its Meaning? 
By what Name shall I call It? 
Those who know It will know! 

The Primal One will Clarify the Pure. 
Those who Submit to Guru will Submit. 
Is this not the Secret of Allah? 

If each Mind is Clear and Pure 
Words of Wisdom will spring forth. 
Will These not be Pearls of Wisdom? 

It is the Primal Pearl of Wisdom 
That is spoken of as The Glorious Word, 
Uttered by Master Muhammad Rasool (Sal.). 
The Pearl of Wisdom that Purifies the Heart 
As quoted by Humble "Miskin Bawa". 

It is Master Guru's Wondrous Pearl 
For those with Pure Bodies. 
It is the Primal Pearl of Wisdom. 

The Wise know this Honeyed Language. 
For each one's Clarity there is A Cure. 
The Pearl of Wisdom has A Praiseworthy Method. 
The Grace of the Sacred Universal Traveler 
Contains Good Remedy for Further Progress. 

There is That "Matter" wandering with No Haste, 
The Mind seeking to know the One. 
We need to Search for Truth and Clarity.

There are Twenty Eight Letters That Excel, 
Multiplicity of which make the Human Form. 
The Mind has to study and assimilate 
About the State of these Letters of Life, 
Which is excellent for the Straight Path. 

The Esteemed One dwells Blissfully in man. 
O my mind, study and clarify These, this very day. 
The Grace of the Master Guru, 
The Purity of Mind, the Primal One, 
Service to the Guru, and achieve Clarity. 
You will certainly reach the Primal Lord, Ya Rabbil Aalameen! 
"Guru Mani" of the Graceful One is true! 
Esteemed Primal One! Ya Rabbil Aalameen! 


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